The Town of Amador provides a variety of recreational opportunities for its residents with a Park and Recreation Program.  The Town anticipates steady growth in population and increased density which will create demand for more leisure and recreational facilities.  To this purpose, current and potential park and recreational facilities are being identified.  While Wild River State Park, a state park, is located within the township, there are no county parks currently in Amador Township.


1)   Identify the type of parks and other recreational facilities currently available and potential new parks
    Set criteria for determining the number, location and distribution of parks
    Identify funding sources for current and potential parks
    Create township map with location of all current and potential parks

The word “park” as used in this document may include any of the following:

Playgrounds Ball fields Trails
Natural areas Open space Township owned property


1)       Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds / or Community Parks (1-20 Acres)

•   Smaller parks, established within or next to a platted residential area.  Their primary function is to provide a playground and picnic area for local residents

•   If a new development is being planned, a park may be included which could also serve an existing neighborhood.

•   Land may be purchased within or adjacent to an existing development to provide park space.

•   Land may be donated by a developer or land owner to the township for a neighborhood or community park.

•   Walking trails will eventually be developed through current and future parks.  These trails will be for non-motorized traffic only.  Bicyles and pedestrian traffic is the goal.  No motorized vehicles of any type will be authorized other than for maintenance.

•   Amenities such as the following will be considered appropriate for parks in Amador Township:

Park benches Sandboxes Picnic tables
Volleyball courts Playground equipment Picnic shelters
Horseshoe pits Ballfields w/bleachers Basketball court
Walking trails Toilet facilities Parking areas


  • Funds contributed during subdivision of property within Amador Township should be used to develop and maintain current parks in the township. 

  • The yearly township budget will consider financial needs of present and future parks. 

  • The Friends of the Amador Heritage Center help fund the facilities located on this park
        with a yearly community Apple Festival.

  • Amador Lions help with the funding and maintenance of the Almquist Ball Park and


  • Carl Almquist Lion's Ball Park and Picnic Ground/Playground

Nine acres with two full ball fields, a concession stand/storage building, playground, picnic tables, bleachers and dugouts.  Permanent lighting installed for both ball fields.  BMX Dirt Bike Trail is planned - can you help?

  • Amador Heritage Center Museum, Swedish Immigrant Log Farm, Park

17 Acre park like setting currently with a 1910 two room brick school house used as a museum, two pre-1890 log cabins, one pre-1900 log Granary with plans for three or more additional log structures.  Picnic tables and playground equipment are located on the site.  One walking trail north/south travels through the site with plans for extending the trails.

•   Triangle Park

Approximately ½ acre park located along Park Trail , Maple Lane and Wenell Street.  Other amenities include a picnic shelter and playground equipment.


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