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The Amador Heritage Center was established in 1978 after the North Branch School District sold the land and buildings to the township for $1.  A group of citizens formed the society which has collected local memorabilia and formed the museum in the former two room brick school house.

The former two room brick school house was built in 1910.  The children walked hand in hand from the first wood frame school built in 1890 (located at the intersection of Maple Street and CSAH #12) to this new school.  The 1890 School is now the Amador Town Hall. 

A large collection of local memorabilia was donated by Carl Almquist, a major supporter of the society which formed the museum.

The property is owned by Amador Township and maintained by the Friends of the Amador Heritage Center.  They sponsor a community event, the Almelund Apple Festivalthe third Sunday of September each year in order to support this project.  Please consider donating a pie or a couple of hours for this event.  You don’t have to live in our township to support us!

In 1990, the society purchased an additional parcel of land from the Clifton Sjoberg estate for a Swedish Immigrant Log Farm. 

  • The first log structure was donated by Rodger Nelson and was the original Gustaf Shoberg dwelling constructed in 1869.
  • The second log structure was donated by Allen Peltier and was originally on the Ringstrom farm.  This is an early, 1850 era small log cabin and is located in the woods to the north of the first structure.
  • A wood frame storage building was donated by Marlene Smith.
  • A log granary was donated by the Johnson family and moved to the site in 2005.
  • Greg Sykes donated the 1888 Peter Hasselquist log cabin in 2006. It was re- constructed in 2007 behind the museum - with the green trim.  We are looking for funding to finish this structure.
  • Mary and Dave Hanson donated the 1880 era log barn.  This is also the location of the "Log Barn Cinema!" 
  • All of the log cabins have been reconstructed with help from the Sentence-To-Serve crews.

While some church memorabilia is located in the Immanuel Lutheran Church, some is also located in the Amador Heritage Center which also has a replica of the first church structure made by Carl Almquist.  The museum also has replicas of the first creamery and a large variety of other local and community memorabilia.

Donations of vintage clothing, furniture and local memorabilia are appreciated.  The museum is open on Sunday afternoons in the summer months and at other times by appointment.  Contact Lin Strong at 651-269-3580 for more information. 

Your donations and memorial gifts are very much appreciated.   The Amador Heritage Center is a chapter of the Chisago County Historical Society, a 501C32 non-profit organization.  Donations may be sent to Amador Heritage Center, 15695 – 368th Street, Almelund, MN   55012.



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